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the light that burns twice as bright

burns half as long

Friends and Family of Christopher Muzykant
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A community put together for the friends and family of Christopher Muzykant, aka doktor242.

Gifted musician, ardent technophile, magnetic personality, romantic fatalist, family man, playboy, Mac geek, passionate dreamer and believer in the future, opinionated, outspoken yet openminded, a conessieur of unique beauty.

Nobody can be all things to all people but Chris came close.

In his own words:

"A mystery... wrapped in an enigma... smothered in secret sauce."


Aside from a place to remember Chris's life, this is also to be a place for some of the many diverse people whose lives he touched can maintain contact and support one another. Trade stories, (there are so many!) or just read, post things Chris would have liked to see or hear, or report progress in their own creative lives which Chris cared so very much about.

Even if you are an acquaintance from a club or from the internet, and Chris's life only touched yours for a brief moment, please share.

The only rules are that we focus on Chris's life, and the things he cared about. That doesn't mean discussing aftermath is *not* okay- some of us need support very much. It means that infighting and accusations are absolutlely off-limits. It's taken a tremendous leap of strength on my part to make this place, and I reserve the right to ban without impunity. I have two other potential comoderators in mind that will help me to be fair.

This can be a way to see the person that you loved through eyes not your own. Like many of the friendships Chris facilitated, this too can have a life of its own when it's ready. In many ways Chris lives and continues to live through the diverse group of people Chris cared about. Sit back and enjoy the madness that is Christopher Muzykant.
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